Nice View Pumpkin Patch I started growing giant pumpkins over 10 years ago. I remember becoming interested after seeing a picture of Craig Weir with his 914lb pumpkin grown in 1994.

That is what led to establishing a website to enable giant pumpkin growers to buy and sell giant pumpkin seeds over the internet.

Costs related to giant pumpkin growing are ever increasing. This marketing service offers an opportunity for giant pumpkin growers to recover some of these costs.

We have heard stories from growers about world record genetic crosses that have never been planted due to lack of growing space or the inability to get seeds to other growers.

Take for instance the 1097 Beachy seed. This seed was marketed succesfully several years ago and is still producing huge pumpkins today. If you think you have a great genetic cross you owe it to yourself to give us a try.

Giant Pumpkins Using this service is very easy. You send us marketable seeds and we do the rest. We post pictures and relevant information about the seed including genetic history.

Proven seeds will be put in the special "Proven Seed Page" listing genetics and every giant pumpkin they have produced.

We then determine a fair price after conferring with you. All you need to do is properly dry out your seeds and mail them to us.

Buyers can pay for seeds using Paypal (no account needed), credit cards or by mailing us a check.